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Beautiful, amazing, long, longest... Nowadays, bridges are not only meant to span a physical obstacle, but they became true masterpieces, innovative constructions that defy human imagination. They seem surreal, therefore, no one hesitates calling them world's most incredible bridges.

It is said that a bridge is a structure that spans over a physical obstacle in order to allow the passage over it. However, if the first bridges were simple wooden logs, nowadays there are so many innovative ideas when it comes to building bridges, as besides they practicality, bridges become a real attraction for tourists. World's most incredible bridges excel in every possible way having special features that make them differ from one another.
Millau Viaduct
Taller than the Eiffel Tower, Millau Viaduct is currently the tallest vehicular cable-stayed bridge in the world. Actually, the bridge that crosses the Tarn river valley near Millau in southern France holds the record for three important elements: the highest pylons (244.96 meters), the highest bridge tower, and the highest road bridge deck in Europe (270 meters).

Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Nicknamed “The Winking Eye”, being the only tilting bridge in the world, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge stretches 126 meters across the River Tyne. This is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge, yet it rotates back on large bearings so small ships and boats could pass underneath.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge
Spanning across the Hangzhou Bay on the East China Sea and the Qiantang River at the Yangtze River Delta, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest ocean-crossing bridge in the world, and the second in overall length with 36 km long. It is a highway bridge with cable-stayed design and its construction reduced the travel distance between Ninglo and Shanghai from 400 km to 280 km.

Confederation Bridge
Confederation Bridge is a curved bridge, the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water. With a length of 12.9 km, the bridge joins the eastern Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  

Bosphorus Bridge
Completed in 1973, Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, and it connects Asia and Europe. The highway bridge has eight lines, of which four of the six lanes for vehicular traffic run westbound to the European side in the morning, and only two eastbound. On the contrary, in the evenings four lanes run eastbound, while the other two, westbound.

Magdeburg Water Bridge
This navigable aqueduct in Germany crosses the River Elbe connecting the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal. It has been built as a part of the reunification process of Germany and is known as the longest water bridge, or navigable aqueduct, in the world, with a length of 918 meters.

Henderson Waves
This is the most beautiful and the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, having a unique wave-shape. It was built at 36 meters above Henderson Road, connecting Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill. It is built of seven curved steel waves that form alcoves functioning as places where you can seat.

The Pont de Normandie
The Pont de Normandie spans the river Seine connecting Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy in northern France. With a 2.143 meters length it is one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. At the time it was built, between 1988 and 1995, it was the longest in the world. It was decided to make a cable-stayed bridge as it is more stable.

Banpo Bridge
Banpo Bridge is a girder bridge in downtown Seoul that spans over the Han River connecting two districts, the Seocho and Yongsan. In fact, Banpo Bridge is on top of Jamsu Bridge, therefore making a “double deck” bridge. What makes this bridge incredible is the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, which is the longest bridge fountain in the world with almost 10.000 LED nozzles on either sides of the bridge, shooting out 190 tons of water every minute.

The next three bridges are not the longest or the tallest in the world, but they are certainly breathtaking. We are talking about the Sri Wawasan Bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia, Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai, China, and Alamillo Bridge in Sevilla, Spain.

Sri Wawasan Bridge

Nanpu Bridge

Alamillo Bridge

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