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These situations can be quite tense and nerve wracking as getting stuck in traffic can make even the calmest person loose their temper. Wonder why? Check out these following traffic jam pictures and you'll definitely see why!

Getting stuck in traffic is definitely not a situation you would want to find yourself in especially as these situations can be quite tense, people being at the end of their patience when it comes to getting stuck in traffic.

Traffic jams can occur even in some of the most technologically advanced countries as weather, panic, too much traffic and the ignorance of certain drivers when it comes to sticking by traffic rules, can all affect the traffic flow. There have been numerous traffic jams situations but the most amazing traffic jams which occurred could make even the calmest and most peaceful person on Earth loose their temper.

It seems that the world's longest traffic jam, and the traffic jam which you'd never want to find yourself in took place in 1980, on the highway between Paris and Lyon, France, in which the traffic was jammed on a 110 mile area on all lanes, going and oncoming. Now that is a serious traffic jam!

Another common place where traffic jams occur frequently especially during the winter period is Moscow. The narrow lanes seem to have lost the battle with the constant expansion of car owners so traffic jams occur. Plus the cold, severe winters which are common in Moscow make traffic flow difficult as the roads can be covered with snow or ice, stopping or slowing down traffic until jams are created.

Extreme situations such as weather hazards can definitely be a cause of traffic jams, as people try to get out of the dangerous situations by driving to a safe place and so traffic jams create. In 2005, Houston Texas was threatened by hurricane Rita, and so locals tried to use the highway to move to safety only this turned out to be a nightmare as too many people heading in one direction can never mean a steady flow, especially during panic.

People can usually interfere with the good flow of traffic, causing some of the world's worst traffic jams. Protestants are known for blocking traffic to get their demands and these blockages cause amazing traffic jams. The cars can't get by because of the people and thus long car lines can form. So, if you ever see protestants heading towards the street go around as you might find yourself in one of the word's worst traffic jam.

Sometimes traffic jams are just caused by ignorant people who just don't care about traffic rules and ignore even the basic common sense. Blocking intersections is only one of the main causes of traffic jams and these can occur anywhere as some people are always in a hurry!

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